Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ten Things That Make Me Smile

  • Deer
  • Stamps with fun designs
  • Home cooked food
  • Light Traffic
  • When the price of oil falls
  • Elephants
  • Sticky Notes
  • My pillow
  • Violets
  • Cold pop (soda)


Anonymous said...

deer you say... well they might make you smile until one of the bastards decides it would be a "good thing" to jump in front of your car on a dark road.

Deer vs car... deer (usually) wins, as it runs away all the time giving you the WTF? man look. Where as your car looks like you nailed a brick wall... ah, the joys of being mugged by Bamby.

BTW, I mean this comment in jest (with tongue firmly planted in cheek)... did *it* make you smile? :)

Jen Bluekissed said...

Yes, it did. I've had quite a few relatives who have had run ins with deer!