Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ten Things That Make Me Smile

  • Remembering that no matter how bad things get with jobs, the economy etc., that I have people who love me.
  • Having my health
  • Realizing that the people working in the unemployment offices really do want to help me, even though I'm ready to rip every inch of hair from my head in frustration with my interstate claim
  • That unemployment insurance even exists... I'm not completely thrown to the dogs yet
  • Burning off stress at the gym, imagining that my exercise pants aren't uncomfortably snug
  • That I don't have to scrape ice from my car windows
  • My garbage can now has a lid after 6 months of being lidless (the city finally replaced it)
  • Wizards
  • pandora.com
  • That the first four stories I've submitted for publication have all been accepted :)

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