Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ten Things That Make Me Smile

  • Living in the modern age
  • New sweatshirts, sweatpants (the fuzz inside is much softer than old clothes!)
  • Chocolate muffins
  • When my husband cleans the kitchen
  • Samples at the grocery store, in the mail, anywhere
  • Mini subcompact cars
  • Playing a DVD, CD, or MP3 for the first time after opening it (downloading it)
  • Beating my husband at any game. He's better than I am at most of them. We played tanegrams for the first time the other day and he's much better than I am at that one!
  • The way the rain glistens off of the stone in Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • That some of the trees here in Nashville already are forming buds

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