Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ten Things That Make Me Smile

Making it to the post office before they closed for the day

Finding the lid to my coffee mug so I could drink coffee while heading to the post office 10 minutes before it closed.

The whole wheat waffles I'm going to make tonight for supper and 100% real maple syrup I'm going to have with them.

Time for reflection on things I didn't want to have to think about but have been forced to. Self honesty is such a hard thing sometimes, but necessary.

Wearing sandals and forgoing socks for many warm months to come

Holding that special someone close all night. Gotta love my hubby :)

Feeling my feelings rather than pushing them away when I don't want to feel them

Victoria's Secret sales

Dogwoods blooming and birds chirping in their branches

A good night's sleep in fuzzy PJs

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