Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ten Things That Make Me Smile

Having a clipboard when I need one

Suitcases with wheels. Watching old movies in which everyone has to carry theirs.

Having a decent passport picture this time around

That my co-worker is antagonizing our Indian colleagues over the upcoming India/Pakistan cricket match. Methinks they'll give him his due sometime in an unexpected way during an unexpected time.

Finding excuses to buy new stationary

Hearing my dad had a successful auction and sold the antiques/collectibles he wanted to sell that he's been accumulating for years in his den.

Having my cell phone charger when I need it.

Unsweetened grapefruit juice. Sometimes I like to taste the sour in order to appreciate the sweet.

The fancy spare tire holders on the outside of expensive RVs. I always wonder how old the tires are inside and hope the owners check them periodically for rot.

Elf ears

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