Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dating Disaster

Two friends, Courtney and Allison
Took to trying poetry to dinner.
Courtney courted Consonance
And Allison asked Assonance
To date at eight, a double date!
Assonance showed up exactly as expected.
Consonance clearly couldn’t count correctly.
It’s eight already!
Courtney called Consonance to confirm their courtship.

Allison asked Assonance about Alliteration, Allison’s assumed chaperon.
Assonance always averted answering about Alliteration because
Apparently, Alliteration almost ate Assonance in April.
Alliteration tried to take total
Command in Assonance’s attempted Allegories.
Courtney came crying.

“Consonance can’t come! Courtney croaked.
The three thought thoroughly through their
Problem. Perturbed, poor
Courtney cursed Consonance completely.
She swore she’d sever shared relationships right
Out of everyone’s poetic existence.
Allison and Assonance answered,
“Let’s leave.”

Driving dangerously during dating disaster,
The three turned toward
Rhyming Verse Road and parted ways that night.
Allison, annoyed and angry at their plight,
Scolded Courtney for having no insight tonight.
We didn’t personify Consonance and Assonance right!
We should have taken out Free Verse and Hyperbole in hindsight.

Courtney’s reply, “Whatever you do, don’t take out haiku!”
“Haiku’s not a man of words. He won’t have much to say, and you won’t know what to do.”

They agreed and parted ways until their next date
And left romance up to their poetic fate.

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