Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Funk

Yesterday and today I have been rehashing chapter six of my novel. I called my mother to ask what physical actions a really distraught woman would take that would show frustration, fear, and violence but still be an ordinary household chore. My goal was to make my scene as believable as possible, but keep my character at home so that if she were to receive a critical phone call, she could have the privacy to be able to take the call.

My idea of housework and her idea of housework usually are quite different. She keeps a very clean, orderly house. I avoid cleaning and various other chores like the plague. Thank goodness my husband helps me at home! Why scrub the floors when I could be revising, right?

But, after a half hour of discussing different chores, she helped me to set up a believable scene. I'm now excited for the emotions I was able to show through what my character is doing.

Unfortunately, I actually have to do laundry tomorrow in earnest.

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