Monday, September 15, 2008

Trying to stay positive

The last twenty four hours have been a little irksome. I tried five different gas stations last night, frantically trying to fill up because I knew I didn't have enough to get to work this morning. The first four were out of gasoline altogether. The fifth had the premium gasoline still available at 4.20 per gallon. There was a huge RV filling up on the other side of my pump. As I paid a few pennies shy of $60 for around 12 1/2 gallons of gas, what was frustrating me was that there was no limit on how much people could buy. I think filling up an RV in that situation is just plain wrong.

So, in an effort to think happy thoughts, here is today's list of 10 things that make me smile. I would love to hear your list.

  • Carmel apples
  • The county fair
  • Chocolate milk
  • The sound of Rice Krispies
  • The pillowcase my hubby gave me that says "Mrs. Always Right" on it
  • Halloween costumes
  • Garage sales
  • Elvis impersonators
  • Colorful stationary
  • Creative bumper stickers
  • Living in a state with no state income tax (Go Tennessee!)

Okay, I can't resist. Here is today's list of 10 things that seldom ever make me smile

  • Struggling to button my jeans
  • Getting caught in traffic
  • That a member of the band I like dies, like today Richard Wright of Pink Floyd
  • Scrubbing the toilet
  • Paying sales tax on groceries (I'm originally from Iowa, where there is no sales tax on groceries)
  • Coughing spells
  • Biting my tongue
  • When the straps of my bra fall down and I have to reach into my shirt to readjust in public.
  • Burned Toast
  • Pushing the snooze button too many times for my own good.

Things that make me smile, depending on the situation and my mood:

  • An overdue fart
  • Wet wipes
  • Realizing I should have gotten my period yesterday
  • Edible clothing/jewelry
  • Fake diamonds
  • Remaindered books
  • Snow
  • frozen pizza
  • Red staplers
  • Deadlines

What are yours?


Anonymous said...

Sweet Tarts

Jen Bluekissed said...

Sweet Tarts do sound good! Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Does #3 on the 3rd list mean what I think it does? If so, congrats! :)

Jen Bluekissed said...

No, I'm not pregnant! (At least as far as I know).