Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A few questions I've wondered about for awhile.

Please, share your thoughts.

People say that when it thunders, that the angels are bowling. When it rains, that God is crying. When it hails, did someone loose some marbles?

Why is it that our salad is so naked that we have to "dress" it? Why is good salad dressing made with extra virgin olive oil? Is dressing a naked salad with extra virgin olive oil wrong on some level?

How can the olive oil be extra virgin to begin with? No, it really REALLY hasn't had sex yet. That must be it.

Why do so many foods have human body parts? Why do lettuce and cabbage have a head? Why does corn have ears? Why do potatoes have eyes?

From a language perspective, why is there a difference between grapes and grapefruit? If I were learning English, I think I would be a bit confused.

Why does putting sugar in a cup of coffee make it no longer black?

Why is Mister abbreviated Mr. but Missus abbreviated Mrs. but Miss has no abbreviation? What is the written out word equivalent to Ms.?

Why do pants have legs, shirts have arms, shoes have tongues, socks have toes, but neither socks nor pants have ankles?

Why, with all the technology that we have, do we still have a date on the calendar devoted to a furry little animal predicting how many more weeks of winter we'll have?

If the appetizer is the first course, and dessert is the last course, why isn't the entree called the intercourse?

I know what peas look like and taste like. I know what nuts (you know, the things that grow on trees) look like and taste like. Why are peanuts like neither of these?

Dried grapes are raisins. Dried plums are prunes. Why don't dried apples, pears, bananas, papaya etc. get their own name?

I know the answer to the next one, but still find it strange that hamburger isn't made out of ham.

What is the purpose of red turn arrows on traffic lights?

Why are pancakes considered a meal or side dish and not dessert?

Are woolly mammoths and sheep related in any way?

Grapenuts. Why on earth are they called Grapenuts?

Why is frosting normally served on a cake at room temperature?

At what point are undergarments called panties and not underwear? What do they have to have or not have to cross that line?

Pits are holes that things can fall into. As in, "Sorry I was late for this meeting, I accidentally drove my car into a huge pit." So, why do I have armpits? What ever gets stuck there?

Puppies are cute little animals that drool and chew things up. Why are those fried round things that I get at Long John Silvers called hush puppies?

Why is the place I park called a driveway and not a parkway?

In a pre-arranged marriage, do they serve cantaloupe at the reception?

Why are some guns called shot guns? Isn't that the point?


Anonymous said...

Shotguns are called such because they are designed to fire "shot," or small pellets, as opposed to bullets, which are generally larger and benefit from the stabilizing grooves, or rifling, in a rifle barrel.

Jen Bluekissed said...

Since I'm in my fourth draft a murder mystery, I might find this information rather useful. Thank you!

howunremarkable said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for passing the link along to your friend. I will definitely continue to peek at yours!