Thursday, August 14, 2008

Organization before Killer Nashville

Tomorrow is the first day of the Killer Nashville writing conference. I find myself needing to get organized and make some decisions! So, I'm compiling a list of things that I think need to be accomplished before tomorrow. Hopefully, I'm not overlooking anything important!

  • Figure out what I'm going to wear the next few days. How formal should my dress be?
  • Revise my synopsis and make copies of it.
  • Decide whether I want to lug my entire manuscript with me throughout the conference. Perhaps I'll keep a copy in the car in case I need it.
  • Write my one page and one line.
  • Decide exactly what I'll say during my two pitch sessions.
  • Print out the schedule of events with meeting room assignments.
  • Charge my cell phone!
  • Decide whether I want to take my laptop or a notepad for taking notes during the workshops. Darn! Where's that extra laptop battery when I need it? Oh yeah, I decided not to buy one!
  • Make sure I have extra pens, preferably ones that work!
  • Pack some extra tissues, cough drops, and other random things!
  • Mapquest the hotel in Franklin where the conference is being held.

I'm sure there are other things that I need to do before arriving at the hotel tomorrow. Right now, I'm trying to harness my excitement in having the opportunity to attend. All of my nervous energy in anticipation of of the pitches and critique is starting to cause worry about whether I'll sleep well tonight. Probably not! I've been reading different blogs regarding conference prep information on networking, pitches, etc. I can't wait to experience it all for the first time!

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